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Bucks County, Pennsylvania, settled in 1862, was one of the Pennsylvania’s three original counties. William Penn was captivated by the rolling hills, creeks, and richness of the land of his new found colony and was anxious to share its charm with others. Back in William Penn’s day, there were not many Bucks County car accidents.

The county’s seat has been Doylestown since 1810. The Bucks County Courthouse is located at 55 Court Street in Doylestown Borough. The county court’s divisions include civil, criminal, and domestic. If you are injured in a Bucks County car accident and your case is tried before a jury, you would appear in Common Pleas Court in Doylestown, PA.

Today, Bucks County ranks number four among the most populous counties in the state. Population brings with it traffic, which makes Bucks County a location susceptible to many car accidents. Once a largely agricultural region, Bucks County fell victim to progress.

The towns of Yardley, Newtown, Wrightstown, Bedminster, and Churchville were primarily farming towns. Some farm land does still remain, much of it protected by the state, but the majority of the farms were bought by developers and upon the land sits housing developments, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and business centers. Several of the roads running through Bucks County are the old two-lane farm roads. These roads are overrun with aggressive, impatient drivers who end up causing many car accidents.

The demand for housing has always been high in towns such as Yardley, New Hope, Newtown, Langhorne, and Morrisville due to their proximity to major highways, the Delaware River, and the State of New Jersey. It is highly common for people who work in Mercer County, NJ, and even New York City, to reside in Bucks County, PA. The major roadways leading from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and New York, such as I-95, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, NJ Route 29, and the New Jersey Turnpike are home to countless car accidents each year.

While much of Bucks County’s economy was agricultural, there also existed an industrial base. Towns such as Bristol and New Hope, situated along the Delaware River, were great commerce centers, due to their direct access to the waterway, and great industrial centers and mill towns, again due to the water power provided by the Delaware River.

The most densely populated part of the county is lower Bucks, which encompasses the townships of Bristol, Bensalem, Falls, Middletown, Lower Southampton, Upper Southampton, and Lower Makefield. Notable towns within these townships include Newtown, Richboro, Feasterville, Morrisville, Yardley, Levittown, and Langhorne. There are entertainment, shopping, dining, and drinking establishments located throughout lower Bucks, making it an area attractive to young people. Car accidents are highly common, due to heavy traffic, inexperienced drivers, and even driving under the influence.

Moving north in Bucks County, one encounters Warminster, Warrington, Buckingham, Doylestown, and Solebury Townships. The school district serving these towns is Central Bucks. The northernmost part of the county is the most rural. Towns in this region include Quakertown, Dublin, Sellersville, Rieglesville, and Pipersville. In the winter time, car accidents occur regularly in the rural parts of the county due to deer darting out in traffic and poor weather conditions.

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