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When Bucks County, PA residents hear Langhorne, PA mentioned, many of us automatically think of one of the best known shopping centers in Bucks County, the Oxford Valley Mall, located on East Lincoln Highway. The mall’s numerous surrounding eateries and entertainment outlets, such as Oxford Valley Movie Theater, Sesame Place, and various bars/clubs are also popular attractions. Often, young adults get behind the wheel after having had too many drinks, making Langhorne, PA particularly prone to Bucks County fatal car accidents involving driving under the influence (DUI).

In addition to the Oxford Valley Mall, Langhorne and adjacent Fairless Hills are home to several other shopping centers, including Langhorne Square Shopping Center, located on Old Lincoln Highway (Business Route 1), Lincoln Center and The Target Shopping Center, located on East Lincoln Highway, and The Shoppes at Flower’s Mill, located on Route 213 and Flowers Mill Road.

There is also The Court at Oxford Valley, which is flanked by Oxford Valley Road and Old Lincoln Highway (Business Route 1), but also is located less than a mile from the exit/entrance ramps of both US Route 1 and I-95. These Langhorne, PA roads are dangerous for drivers and prone to car accidents due to the high traffic volume, designated turning lanes/entrance ramps which are not well marked in advance of the turns, coupled with heavy merging traffic.

The commercial sections of Langhorne and Fairless Hills, Bucks County are extremely congested and home to a large number of serious car accidents resulting in personal injury.
Also in Langhorne and Fairless Hills are a large number of auto dealerships located along East Lincoln Highway (Business Route 1) that add to the traffic already in place on this road due to the great number of shopping centers and eateries. Not far from this hub of activity is a hospital, which often has emergency vehicles arriving and departing from its parking lot. When drivers are not aware that there are emergency vehicles approaching or have the right-of-way through an intersection, car accidents result.

In addition to US Route 1, Oxford Valley Road, and Old Lincoln Highway, other busy roads running through Langhorne, PA include Route 413, I-95, Route 213 (Maple Avenue), Bridgetown Pike, Woodbourne Road, and Flowers Mill Road are the scene of car accidents.
Langhorne, PA has seen its share of residential and business development, making a lot of the roads through this town very congested at all hours of the day with drivers in a hurry to reach their destinations. This makes for precarious driving conditions and requires motorists to be alert and drive at safe speeds in order to prevent causing or being the victim of a Bucks County car accident.

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