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Newtown, the original county seat for the county of Bucks has seen tremendous urbanization in the last 40 years. Gone is Goodnoe Farm, in the region for almost 50 years, only to be replaced by a congested collection of supermarkets, shops, and restaurants in the area of Route 532 (Sycamore Street), Durham Road (Route 413), South Eagle Road, Silo Road, and West Road, making this developed farmland an area prone to many Bucks County car accidents involving personal injury.

Bucks County Community College brings increased traffic to Newtown, PA. With additional economic development in the Newtown area, the Newtown Bypass (Route 332) was built around Newtown Borough providing more room for traffic to flow.

The Newtown Bypass is widely used by commuters to the workplace, students, school buses, truckers, and emergency vehicles. The Newtown Bypass is a four-lane road, posting a speed limit of 55 mph. Drivers tend not to be observant of the speed limit and speed on this roadway continually, one of the reasons for the many car accidents and truck accidents involving personal injuries.

Drivers talking and texting on cell phones, eating, putting on make-up, all while attempting to drive is a very common sight along the Newtown Bypass. The inattentiveness of drivers results in far too many rear-end car accidents along the heavily traveled Newtown Bypass.
There are numerous traffic lights on Route 332 and many busy intersections, notably the intersection of Route 332 and Route 413, the intersection of Route 332 and Route 532 (Buck Road/Sycamore Street), and the intersection of Route 332 and Woodbourne Road/Penns Trail. Bucks County drivers do not always obey the rules of the road at these intersections as they make right-on-red turns without waiting for a break in oncoming traffic, run “yellow” lights (which are not actually yellow anymore as they proceed through the intersection) and continue to make left turns after the left turn green arrow has turned off. These aggressive moves by drivers on the Newtown Bypass also contribute to the frequent car accidents which repeatedly result in personal injury.

Oftentimes emergency vehicles will use Route 332 to get to St. Mary Hospital, located on Route 413. Drivers are obligated to stop for and/or yield to emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and police cars with their lights and sirens flashing, at intersections. There are always some drivers who do not consider the right-of-way of emergency vehicles, which is one more reason so many car accidents occur on the Newtown Bypass.

Prior to the Newtown Bypass being built, commuters had to drive through the Borough of Newtown, which is made up of two-lane narrow streets. Newtown Borough’s roads, including Sycamore Street, Main Street, Center Street, Washington Street, Chancellor Street, Congress Street, Lincoln Street, and Penn Street can still get congested since there are many small businesses operating in Newtown Borough, as well as many residential dwellings.

The streets throughout the borough remain the same – narrow, two-lane, with on-street parking. The speed limit on these borough streets is no more than 35 mph, sometimes less, plus there are several pedestrian crosswalks, requiring care to be taken by drivers at all times. When care is not taken and/or speed limits not observed, car accidents do occur.

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