Bucks County Car Accident Lawyers

Motor vehicles are one of the greatest technological advancements in history. Whether it is the convenience of getting to work on time, taking your family on road trips, or just going to the grocery store, owning a car can make your life much easier. Unfortunately, roads can be very dangerous when drivers are not giving the road their undivided attention. Victims who have suffered injuries in car accidents know just how quickly their lives can be turned upside down by these needless crashes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 3 million people receive non-fatal injuries each year in motor vehicle accidents. Further, car accident victims are not just subjected to physical injuries when thrust into these harrowing ordeals. The financial toll of automobile accidents amounted to over $75 billion in 2017 alone, when accounting for lost wages, medical bills, and more. There is much more to car accidents than a visit to the hospital, as a serious injury can derail your personal life, financial livelihood, mental health, and more.

If you have suffered injuries in a car accident, and you do not believe you were at fault, speaking with a Bucks County car accident lawyer can help ease your mind. Even if you may have been partially at fault, a court may determine that you are still eligible for compensation if the other party was mostly responsible, per Pennsylvania statute §7102. Perhaps most importantly, hiring a Bucks County car accident lawyer can allow you to focus on your recovery and your future while they handle the legal side of things.

Here at Cordisco & Saile LLC, our attorneys fight for the communities we live in. We are proud to serve the Pennsylvania area and fight to protect our client’s right to compensation when subjected to another party’s negligence. While there is no set amount that these cases are guaranteed to pay out, our lawyers will work hard to reach a settlement that may cover all your mental, physical, and financial suffering.

Compensation awarded in car accident–related personal injury cases can encompass, but may not be limited to:

  • Repairs to your vehicle or property, including any valuables broken in the accident
  • Compensation for your mental anguish, which may include any mental illness that came as a result of the accident, such as increased anxiety when driving, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, or illnesses resulting from head injuries
  • Treatment for any traumatic brain injuries (TBI), such as mobility assistance, medications, transportation, and more
  • Medical treatments, including surgeries, rehabilitation, and more
  • Damages awarded to make up for the loss of future income or loss of employment as a result of the accident
  • Compensation for fractured personal relationships, such as marital problems, lost passions, and other stresses accrued from the injuries
  • And more

If you desire to take legal action against the parties responsible for your accident, the state of Pennsylvania has a 2-year statute of limitations on personal injury cases starting the day the accident occurs, according to statute §5524. The sooner you contact the attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC, the sooner we can get started on your case. To learn more, our team would be glad to give you a free consultation today at (215) 642-2335.

Injuries Often Associated with Car Accidents

Car accidents can be some of the most devastating personal injury cases for victims. As such, their injuries may include debilitating ailments like broken bones, head injuries, whiplash, and more. Recovery from these injuries may take months or even years to occur, if a full recovery is even possible at all.

While car accidents may result in virtually any injury, depending on the circumstances and severity of your accident, common injuries may include:

  • Soft tissue damage, such as sprains and strains to muscles
  • Broken facial bones from airbags
  • Spinal column injuries, sometimes occurring when victims are ejected from the car, which may result in permanent paralysis
  • Road rash
  • Lost limbs
  • Burns
  • Diseases of the lungs, most often occurring when victims inhale toxic fumes resulting from the accident. Collisions with tanker trucks can also cause toxic exposure, as their loads often contain hazardous chemicals.
  • And more

When you have suffered injuries in a car accident, it may be difficult for you to precisely remember the circumstances leading up to the crash. After all, you have just been through a very traumatic experience. Luckily, you do not have to worry about proving the other party’s liability all by yourself. A Bucks County car accident lawyer will work to recreate the accident from every possible angle using any video of the crash, eyewitness testimony, accident recreation experts, forensic evidence, and more.

Determining fault in these cases may be difficult, but the car accident attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC will take the time to thoroughly research your accident to reveal the truth. At the end of the day, we just want to see our clients return to a normal life. For more information about our legal services, contact the Bucks County car accident lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC today at (215) 642-2335 for your free consultation.

Car Accident Lawyers Looking to Protect Your Right to Compensation

Here at Cordisco & Saile LLC, we have worked alongside many victims who have likely been through the same hardships as you. After your consultation, we will work to begin building your case so you can get the financial compensation you may rightfully deserve. The parties responsible for car accidents have no right to put others in danger with their negligence, whether it was driving while intoxicated, driving while distracted, reckless driving, or any other form of negligence. We will fight for you.

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