Auto Accident Lawyer in Allentown

Dealing with the fallout of an auto accident can be troubling for you as a victim. Like most people, you are probably wrapped up in the numerous legal and financial concerns that tend to accompany auto accidents. When you add in the struggles of confronting a personal injury, then your problems can skyrocket before you know it. A lawyer who focuses on auto accidents can stand by your side and help you determine if you are eligible to recover financial compensation for your losses.


An auto accident lawyer in Allentown will defend your legal rights after an auto accident. Our team of lawyers will take care as we examine each aspect of your situation. Were other drivers involved? Should they be held responsible for their negligent or careless actions? We will ask these questions and others as we collect evidence, identify a liable party, and go after any forms of monetary compensation that you may be owed after an auto accident in Allentown or the surrounding areas. Contact the office at Cordisco & Saile LLC to learn more by calling (215) 642-2335 today.

Common Causes of Auto Accidents

When looking at a case that involves an automobile accident, there are many details to consider. An attorney who takes on your case will investigate the incident to determine who was liable for an accident. Although there are many potential variables at play in an auto accident, some common causes are likely to come under close inspection by legal teams, car insurance companies, and law enforcement officers.

Drunk and Drug-Impaired Driving

When a drunk driver causes an auto accident, several laws exist to punish them. Despite the widespread cultural awareness and negative stigmas surrounding drunk driving in the United States, drivers continue to operate their vehicles while intoxicated. Alcohol intoxication impacts a driver’s ability to safely operate their motor vehicle in many ways. Judgment and timing, both of which are needed to avoid collisions, are often absent in the face of alcohol intoxication. Furthermore, drunk drivers often engage in aggressive driving behaviors that put themselves and other drivers at risk.


If you were involved in an accident with a drunk driver, you may be up against severe personal injuries. A lawyer who takes on your case will identify a liable party and hold them responsible for their reckless behavior. In most cases, law enforcement officers who show up at the accident scene will conduct thorough blood alcohol content (BAC) tests to establish the intoxication levels of any drivers involved in the accident. A lawyer may reference these results and other details from a police report as they build a case that defends your legal interests.

Distracted Driving

Distraction behind the wheel continues to be a central cause of car accidents across the country and the world. The rise of cell phones and other mobile technology does not help matters. States have strict guidelines banning the use of cellular phones and other mobile technology while operating a motor vehicle. Violations of these laws leave perpetrators with severe consequences such as fines and jail time. When acts of distraction cause personal injuries and wrongful death, the consequences are that much greater.


Regardless of the cause of your auto accident, a lawyer can help you determine your options. An auto accident lawyer in Allentown will stand by your side to defend your legal position as you work your way through the aftermath of an auto accident in Allentown or the surrounding areas. The team of lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC will communicate with you as we make progress on your case. We will also correspond with other parties as needed and work to recover any forms of financial compensation to which you may be entitled. To learn more, contact our office today by picking up the phone and calling (215) 642-2335.