Dangerous & Defective Drug Lawyer in Bensalem

At some point in our lives, nearly all of us receive a prescription for drugs to treat something or another. Whether it is a simple round of antibiotics to clear up an infection, a pill to combat the effects of anxiety or depression, or a lifesaving medication, we all rely on pharmaceuticals from time to time to manage our health.

When we take prescription drugs, we expect them to make our lives better, not worse. Since highly educated doctors prescribe these drugs and experienced pharmacists carefully dose them, we believe them to be safe. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also provides oversight by studying medications for safety and efficacy before issuing a stamp of approval.

Despite all these so-called safeguards, many Americans fall victim to dangerous and defective drugs every year. The effects can range from minor pain and discomfort to serious illness and even death.

If you suffered an injury after taking a dangerous or defective drug, you have options. The attorneys with Cordisco & Saile LLC have the skills and experience necessary to win this type of case. Our lawyers know how to go up against powerful drug companies and win big settlements for our clients. We can get you the compensation you deserve.

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What Is a Defective Drug?

A defective drug is one that has a different effect than its stated function. For instance, if a drug prescribed for acne instead causes your skin to break out in a rash, it may have a defect. Or, if a pill for male performance leads to dangerously low blood pressure that causes you to faint and incur a head injury, it may be defective. These are just two examples, but there are thousands of ways in which a drug can be defective.

What Causes Defects in Drugs?

Often, it is an error or flaw in the manufacturing process. The science behind the drug might be correct, but something goes wrong during the manufacturing process. In other cases, the drug’s manufacturing process was correct, but it was improperly stored or transported from the lab to the pharmacy. Many of the active ingredients in drugs are fragile and require a particular climate to remain stable; otherwise, they can morph into dangerous substances.

If you took a drug that works for most people but caused you ill effects, our attorneys will conduct a full investigation to find out why. We figure out what happened during the manufacturing process or the transportation and storage of the drug to cause a defect. Once we uncover this information, we start building evidence to prove our case. Then, we pursue the responsible party for compensation.

What Is a Dangerous Drug?

A dangerous drug differs from a defective drug in that its nature and composition are what make it harmful. These drugs follow protocol during the manufacturing, transportation, and storage processes, but something in them causes ill effects in users. Sometimes, the safety testing new drugs must undergo fails to detect danger. Other times, a doctor mistakenly prescribes a drug to a patient or a patient takes a drug that negatively interacts with another medication in their system.

No matter the specifics, if you took a drug exactly as your doctor prescribed it and it caused you harm, you deserve compensation. Our attorneys will investigate your case and figure out who was responsible. We have the resources to gather evidence and pursue damages aggressively.

What Kinds of Compensation Can I Win in a Dangerous and Defective Drug Case?

Our attorneys pursue every type of compensation for which you are eligible. These could include a variety of costs you have faced in connection with your injuries.

Medical Bills

We seek compensation for all medical costs associated with your injury. This means any hospital stays, surgeries, drugs you have to take to counteract the dangerous drugs, and so forth. We pursue damages not only for your current medical bills but also for those we expect you to incur in the future.

Lost Wages

If you have to miss work to recover from your injuries or if the damage from the dangerous or defective drug reduces your earning capacity, we seek full compensation to make up the difference.

Pain and Suffering

You deserve compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced after taking a dangerous or defective drug. You need a skilled and aggressive attorney to pursue this money relentlessly. Unlike medical bills or lost wages, pain and suffering are subjective and difficult to quantify in dollar terms. Unless you have a lawyer who knows how to pursue this kind of compensation, you could leave lots of money on the table.

Our lawyers understand how to calculate a fair value for your pain and suffering after an accident. We will seek the maximum amount of compensation available in your case.

Punitive Damages

In extreme cases, we can win punitive damages on top of all other compensation. The courts award these damages to punish the responsible party in cases where their actions exceeded mere negligence. If we can show the responsible party was grossly negligent or malicious in their actions, we can win punitive damages.

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