Work Injury Lawyer in Bensalem

A work injury can create a significant burden for you and your family. You might be facing:

  • Physical and emotional pain;
  • Expensive hospital stays;
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation;
  • Lost wages;
  • Reduced capacity to earn a living; and
  • Mounting bills.

As if that were not enough, the process to get compensation for a work injury can be long and complicated. Unfortunately, your bills do not stop coming in while you wait for your money.

You should not have to go through this process alone. A work injury lawyer in Bensalem can fight for your compensation. That way, you can focus on recovery.

At Cordisco & Saile LLC, our team of attorneys specializes in work injuries. We have years of experience winning big settlements for clients injured on the job. With a potentially large sum of money on the line, you should not trust your case to just any lawyer. Choose one with a proven track record of success. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to guide your case to a winning outcome.

Best of all, we do not get paid until we recover compensation for you. Our consultations are always free. You can get all your questions answered and receive free legal advice on how to proceed. If you decide to move forward with us, we begin with an in-depth investigation of your injury. We identify all responsible parties and gather evidence to prove their liability. Then, we aggressively pursue them for every dollar you deserve.

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Who is responsible for my compensation?

When you get injured at work, the most obvious party to pursue for damages is your employer. But other parties might also bear liability. Through a detailed investigation, we will uncover every potentially responsible party. Once we have done that, we can pursue damages in several ways.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation is an insurance program into which employers pay. An injured employee, rather than suing the employer, can make a workers' compensation claim. The program protects both the worker and the employer. The worker receives benefits by filing a standardized claim, which—in theory—is faster and easier than dragging their employer to court. The employer, if current on workers' compensation premiums, will not have to face lawsuits from injured employees.

Unfortunately, workers' compensation is great in theory, but not always in practice. The program allows employers and their insurance companies to deny claims in certain cases. For instance, if the employee was drunk or on drugs when the injury occurred, workers’ compensation may not cover their costs. If the worker injured themselves while attempting to harm themselves or others, they may not be eligible for coverage under the program.

It is also fairly common for employers and insurers to take liberties with the rules and deny valid claims. That is why you should have a skilled lawyer before you make a claim for workers’ compensation. Our attorneys can anticipate any argument your employer might make to deny your claim. We are ready and have the resources to fight back.

Third-Party Claim

A workers' compensation claim against your employer is almost a given. But during the course of our investigation, we might uncover other responsible parties. If so, we can pursue them with a separate claim. This is a third-party claim.

Using a third-party claim, we can seek damages from non-employer parties outside of the workers' compensation system. This might involve filing a lawsuit and, if necessary, taking your claim all the way to a jury trial.

Who qualifies as a liable third party?

Some third-party entities that might bear liability for your injury include the following.


A manufacturer could bear liability if your injury occurred while you were using work equipment. We would need to show that the equipment had a defect that caused or contributed to your injury. For instance, you were working on a piece of scaffolding that, despite being correctly assembled, collapsed under your weight, we can seek damages from the scaffolding manufacturer.

In a case with a defective product, we do not have to show that the manufacturer demonstrated any negligence. We simply have to prove that you were using the product or equipment for its intended purpose and that it featured a defect that injured you.

Site Owners

The party that owns or manages the site where you work can also bear liability. If your work site features uneven pavement, which caused you to fall and break your leg, we can file a third-party claim against the site owner in addition to your workers’ compensation claim. We will make a case proving that the site owner was negligent for not tending to the hazard before you fell.

Does it matter how my injury occurred?

Work injuries can occur under many different circumstances. We have helped clients win compensation for all sorts of work injuries. Some of the most common include:

However, even if your job does not involve construction or physical labor, you may have a valid claim for a work injury. We have even helped clients with desk jobs win big settlements for injuries at work. For instance, sitting hunched over at a computer and typing all day can cause repetitive stress injuries.

Regardless of your injury or the circumstance surrounding it, call our team of attorneys. Based on your unique situation, we can build a winning argument, gather evidence to support it, and pursue compensation aggressively.

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A work injury claim can potentially involve a lot of money. You do not want to leave some or all of that money on the table. That is why you need the most skilled representation. The attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC know how to win compensation for work injury victims, and our track record proves it.

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