3 Tips to Avoiding a Bucks County Auto Accident

As the weather continues to cool down, road conditions will play a bigger role in Bucks County car accidents. Despite what the weather is like, you can do certain things to help keep safe while on the Pennsylvania roadways.

Top Three Tips

Here are three important tips to preventing an auto accident:

  • Avoid the “fast lane.” Though the fast lane generally offers faster travel, it minimizes your escape routes. You lack the same escape options as the middle lanes if a vehicle in front of you suddenly stops.
  • Continual scanning. Not only should you be looking at the vehicle in front of you when driving, you should also keep your eyes scanning the entire area ahead. This will increase your chances of detecting any road hazards and give you more time to respond to an emergency.
  • Maintain your vehicle. It seems basic, but many motorists fail to maintain and keep their vehicles in good condition. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, and think twice about getting an extra few thousand miles out of your tires.

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Unfortunately, not all accidents can be avoided. That is why you should order our free book, How to Maximize Your Pennsylvania Car Accident Case Before an Insurance Company Takes Advantage of You, if you have been injured.

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