3 Ways to Celebrate Teen Driver Safety Week

October 19 through 25 of 2015 is National Teen Driver Safety Week. The week is designed to raise awareness about the dangers that teens face on the road on a daily basis, and to get the teen driver fatality rate to zero. Whether you are a teen or a parent, here are three ways to celebrate National Teen Driver Safety Week.

1. Practice Safe Driving Yourself

The easiest way to celebrate National Teen Driver Safety Week is to practice safe driving yourself. You should always make an effort to avoid the following when driving.

•    Distracted driving (like eating when behind the wheel)

•    Road rage

•    Speeding

•    Ignoring traffic laws

•    Aggressive driving

•    Driving while impaired

•    Using a cell phone or other handheld device

When you avoid the risky driving techniques named above, you are modeling good driving behaviors for your kids. While they may seem distracted most of the time, they are internalizing your behavior, especially with something like driving that you have been doing with them for years.

2. Talk to Your Teen About Safe Driving

The second most important thing that you should do to celebrate national Teen Driver Safety Week is to speak to your teen about safe driving. More than 2,500 teens were killed in car accidents in 2013, and an estimated 130,000 were injured in car crashes, according to the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration. In fact, fatal car accidents are up 14 percent so far in 2015. The most prevalent threats to teen drivers include distracted driving (other passengers in the car, texting, etc.) and driving while impaired. Discuss the risks of both with your teen, and why driving safely is important.

3. Get Others Involved in National Teen Driver Safety Week

Finally, take the time to get others in your community interested and involved in National Teen Driver Safety Week. This might include hosting a community meeting, or talking to your teen’s school about activities that can take place during the week to emphasize the importance of safe driving amongst teenagers.

Learn What to Do if Your Teen is in an Auto Accident

Safe driving can help teens to avoid an accident. However, not all accidents are the fault of teenagers. If your teen has been in an accident that was not his or her fault, you may have a cause of action against the other driver.

To help you understand the laws regarding filing a claim, how to prove fault, and what damages you may be able to recover, check out the Cordisco & Saile LLC car accidents blog. If you are ready to schedule your free case consultation, call today at 215-642-2335