3 Ways to Get Home Safely on New Year’s Eve in Philadelphia

New Year’s Eve is the most dangerous day of the year on the roadways. More than half of all accidents that night involve a drunk driver, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Before you go out on the town on New Year’s, have a plan for how you are going to get home safely if you plan on drinking.

For those who will be ringing in the new year in The City of Brotherly Love, there are lots of services you can use to avoid the deadly combination of alcohol and driving. Below are a few to consider.

Ridesharing Services

While there was a lot of red tape and opposition to ridesharing services in Philly, Governor Tom Wolf signed legislation late 2016 that legalized ridesharing statewide. Uber and Lyft are alive and well, and might be the simplest way to get home on New Year’s.

If you have yet to use ridesharing, just download the Uber or Lyft app from the App Store or Playstore and create an account. When you need a ride, the app will use your GPS to identify your location and find the nearest available driver. You will get a text when the driver arrives, and when you are dropped off, your card will be automatically charged the appropriate amount.

Designated Driver Services

If none of your buddies want to be DD, you can just hire one. Designated driver services are handy when you drive to the party planning on staying sober, but then change your mind, have a few drinks, and do not want to risk driving.

You can search for a DD using Dryver which offers both inexpensive chauffeuring services (in the driver’s car) and pickup service (the driver is dropped off and drives your car home). Learn more and download the app on their site.

There is also another option you can look into: 2 Drunk Drivers, a designated driver service founded by and staffed by U.S. veterans. You can reach out to them via social media, text, or a phone call. They will show up, take your keys, and get you home safely.

Taxi Services

There are handfuls of taxi companies sprinkled throughout Philly. You can always go the classic route and hail a cab on New Year’s Eve to get home safely. That particular night will be busy for taxi companies, so call ahead to schedule your ride and have a list of companies handy.

Here are a few popular taxis in the area:

  • Freedom Taxi: (215) 222-9999
  • Philadelphia Taxicab Service: (215) 535-6700
  • City Cab: (215) 365-8000
  • OnCabs Philadelphia: (215) 882-9068
  • Condor Car Services: (215) 455-7777

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