Accident Causes on PA Turnpike

The Pennsylvania Turnpike gets heavy use every day by drivers all over the state, including many from Bucks County. Accidents occur all over the Bucks County stretch of the PA Turnpike each day, and not only because of the traffic volume there. Other accident causes include:

• Inclement Weather-Speeding at any time on the Pennsylvania Turnpike is dangerous, but speeding in inclement weather may be even more disastrous. Speeds on the PA Turnpike range from 55 to 65 mph, depending on construction areas and road conditions. In rain, snow, and sleet, even these posted speeds may not be safe. Driving without regard to weather conditions can lead to accidents and injuries on the PA Turnpike.

• Driving Under the Influence (DUI) -Drinking and Driving, and even buzzed driving, kills thousands of PA residents each year. If you have been drinking, think before getting behind the wheel, especially on the already dangerous PA Turnpike.

• Deer (and other animals)-Bucks County residents may be familiar with deer in our roadways, but many motorists may not be able to anticipate stopping for a wild animal on the highway, especially at high speeds. Many animals become active at dusk, making it even more difficult to see them, leading to many accidents on the PA Turnpike.

• Distracted Driving-The PA Turnpike Commission has been on a campaign recently to reduce texting while driving, but currently there are no laws to enforce such a campaign. Statistics show that in 2010 almost 200 accidents on the PA Turnpike were due to a distracted driver. The Turnpike Commission hopes to educate drivers on the dangers of texting and driving in order to reduce accidents.

Overall, it is important to always be aware while driving, especially when travelling at high speeds on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Make sure to adjust your speed and driving style along with weather conditions and keep in mind that many animals do frequent the areas through which the PA Turnpike winds. Never drink and drive, and eliminate in-car distractions before setting out on a trip.

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