Accidents at Route 1 and I-95 Philadelphia | Langhorne and Middletown traffic

Bucks County’s Business Route 1, just off Exit 44 of I-95, is known locally as Lincoln Highway. At nearby Exit 46 of I-95, the Bucks County road is known as Route 1 “Superhighway.”  While these stretches of Route 1 in Bucks County are home to a lot of popular commercial establishments (restaurants, malls, car dealerships), they are also hot spots for car accidents due to heavy traffic volume and distracted driving. Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. recommends using extra care to avoid accidents when driving in this area, especially during the chaotic holiday shopping season which is now underway.

                         Philadelphia Area Traffic Tie-Ups
If you drive through the Philadelphia region you hear the traffic reports refer to I-95, Woodhaven Road, and Route 1 numerous times each day, especially during rush hour. Heavy traffic in the area leads to frequent accidents.

Drivers often speed along I-95 only to find traffic has slowed considerably or stopped completely, leaving many motorists vulernable to being rear-ended. Sometimes traffic congestion or work zones are the cause of halted traffic, but on other occasions, a vehicle breakdown or poorly marked lanes are to blame. Driver distraction, even momentarily, can mean the difference between stopping in time and a multi-vehicle pileup.  Rear-end accidents are very common on I-95 in the Philadelphia region and can result in serious injury.

                 Tragedy Strikes on I-95 in Bucks County

A sad testament to the dangers of unsafe drivers on I-95 was one January 2009 accident, when a drunk driver struck and killed Detective Chris Jones of Middletown Township Police Department while he was conducting a traffic stop on Route 1, near the I-95 interchange.

                         Where to Turn After an Accident

If you have been injured in a Bucks County or Philadelphia accident along the I-95 or Route 1 corridors, the personal injury attorneys of Cordisco & Saile LLC want to help. You need the support of an experienced personal injury attorney who is familiar with the area, understands your accident and the laws governing a personal injury claim.  To learn more about your rights to compensation, get our FREE Car Accident Guide written for victims of Philadelphia area traffic accidents.