An Incorrect PA Car Accident Report Can Be Fatal to Your Case

Pennsylvania car accident reports which are prepared by local and PA State Police are very difficult to read and understand if you are not familiar with the layout. There are many sections on many pages that involve different types of codes and boxes. There is no way to tell what is stated in the report if you don’t know the meaning of the codes.

Sometimes when you retrieve a PA police accident report, the issuing authority does not give you a listing of the codes. So how do you know what the police accident report actually says? How do you know if the report is correct?

If the report was filled out incorrectly, this is something that you must find very quickly while the investigating police officer remembers the Pennsylvania car accident. Even if you find a mistake, in my experience, police officers do not prefer to amend or “fix” their report.

Due to the fact the most PA and NJ car insurance companies follow the rendition of facts as set forth on the police accident report, an incorrect report can be fatal to your PA or NJ personal injury or property damage case.

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