Auto Accidents in Different Seasons in Levittown

Weather events throughout the year can lead to auto accidents and unfortunate personal injuries all over Pennsylvania. As Bucks County prepares for winter weather, auto accidents are sure to increase in Levittown, PA. Whether it’s a thunderstorm, a wintry mix or blizzard conditions, drivers must take weather conditions into account when setting out on Levittown roads. Bucks County personal injury lawyer, Michael L. Saile Jr., shares his expertise on weather conditions that often lead to PA auto accidents.

Spring Weather: The months of March, April and May are known for often being windy and rainy. Since “April showers bring May flowers,” drivers often get caught in rainstorms during this season. Rain and wind can impair visibility and can lead to roadway obstructions, like blowing debris or large puddles. Hydroplaning is a concern any time it rains.

Summer Weather: Pop-up thunderstorms are popular in Levittown and all over Bucks County during the summer months, which can lead to poor visibility, hydroplaning or even flooding. It is a good idea to catch the daily weather report and keep an eye on the sky to avoid being caught in a surprise storm.

Fall Weather: Windy weather and foggy mornings are prevalent in the fall, leading to poor visibility and vehicle instability.

Winter Weather: The biggest concern during the winter in the Bucks County area is snow. But other kinds of winter weather can be dangerous and are potential causes of auto accidents. Freezing rain often occurs during the winter, and wintry mixes of rain, sleet and snow often provide extra headaches for drivers in Levittown.

These weather events are a real concern all over the country in terms of auto accident dangers.

Annually, there are more than 1.5 million crashes,

over 600,000 people are injured and

about 7,000 people are killed due to weather-related events,

according to the Federal Highway Association.

Accidents are classified as weather-related if they occur in the presence of adverse weather or slick pavement.

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