Avoiding a Bucks County Motorcycle Accident

No matter how safe you are as a rider, the fact that a Bucks County motorcycle accident can happen at any time, leaving you with a serious injury, never changes. That is why you should take every precaution necessary to keep yourself safe. In this article, we highlight some important reminders and safety tips for motorcycle safety.

Before you turn that key

Motorcycle safety begins before you ever turn on your bike. Before riding, you should:

  • Make sure that you and your passenger are wearing durable motorcycle helmets.
  • If you are new to riding, take some time to review the owner’s manual.
  • Make sure all controls are working properly, including brakes and cables.
  • Make sure your horn, lights, and turn signals are working.
  • Check all fluid levels, including fuel and oil.

While on the road

Obviously, you are most at risk while on the road. When riding, make sure:

  • You are aware of all road hazards, such as railroad tracks and loose gravel.
  • That other drivers can see you by having your headlight on at all times (even during the day), and don’t be afraid to use your horn.
  • To avoid unsafe lane changes, passing, and weaving.

Use extra caution when the sun goes down

Dusk is considered the most dangerous time to ride. This is due to the fact that people’s eyes are adjusting from daylight to headlights. It’s important to make sure that your face-shield is free from major scratches.

Other drivers

Even if you follow all of these safety tips, you can’t control what another driver may do. That driver’s negligence can lead to a serious motorcycle accident, leaving you with a lifetime of pain and suffering. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you might be able to hold the other driver liable for your damages.

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