Bensalem Home to the Most Dangerous Intersection in America

This may not be the Bensalem news residents were hoping for, but research by TIME magazine ranked an intersection in Bucks County as the most intersection dangerous in America.

According to the data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration analyzed by TIME, the Knights Road-Street Road intersection in Bucks County is the most dangerous intersection in the country. According to the analysis, it was the scene of at least seven fatal accidents between 2003 and 2012.

What makes the intersection dangerous?

According to the TIME analysis, a combination of factors contributed to an increased risk of accidents at the intersection in Bensalem. The intersection has very poor signage, for one. Lighting is poor, making visibility difficult, and the sidewalks are discontinuous.

Further, this is an intersection that sees large volumes traffic, marked by aggressive motorists. To make matters worse, the area also sees large numbers of jaywalkers. And the street design means the intersection is not at a 90-degree angle.

According to TIME, more than 36,000 vehicles – including buses that might carry 500 people a day – travel on Street Road each day. Add to that a large number of pedestrians and bicyclists, and accidents are more likely.

Liability in Intersection Accidents

If an aggressive driver caused your accident, then you can hold that party liable for injuries. You must prove the driver engaged in negligent behavior, such as running a red light at the intersection, and that this negligence led to your accident and injuries. You must also establish your damages.

In Pennsylvania, if you are involved in an accident related to the negligence of state and local transportation agencies – such as an accident related to a lack of signage – there is a different set of rules to follow before you recover compensation for your injuries.

You must file a formal notice of your claim with the agency that is responsible for the injury within six months. If your claim is not resolved, seek legal guidance for help filing an injury lawsuit against the government agency liable for your injuries.

Get Legal Help after an Intersection Accident

Injury claims can be complex to start, and those involving government agencies may be even more complex. If you suffer an injury in an accident, get legal guidance from an attorney. Call Cordisco & Saile LLC at 215-642-2335. You can also use the form on our contact page to set up your consultation.