Bensalem Police Auto Accident Mapping

Philadelphia and New Jersey drivers who commute through the congested roads of Bensalem, Pennsylvania every day know the frustration of traffic delays. No matter how up-to-date the local traffic reports are, keeping alert to changes in traffic patterns may help you prevent personal injury from an auto accident.

The Bensalem Township Police Accident Investigation Unit is taking a proactive approach to serious injury and fatal accident investigations by mapping major intersections throughout Bensalem like the congested Woodhaven and Academy intersection or at Street Road and Hulmeville Road. According to their website, officers will be “utilizing state of the art mapping technology.” The information, it continues, “will be stored for future investigations.”

The PA injury lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC applaud this move to reduce road closure time following serious accidents where every second saved in getting an injured person needed treatment counts.

The volume of fatal accidents in this particular Philadelphia suburb has probably prompted the move to pre-map intersections. It will pay off in reduced traffic wait times and in alleviating the time required of accident investigators to be on scene of a serious or fatal Bensalem accident.

Bensalem police ask citizens to refrain from stopping to ask officers questions while they embark on the mapping and to keep an alert, safe distance as they pass officers in the intersections during the project.

Other surrounding municipalities should keep their eye on the Bensalem mapping project. If successful, it could easily be adopted by Philadelphia, Trenton and other towns and boroughs to help reduce injuries from auto accidents. There are an enormous amount of accidents in the Delaware Valley region, particularly in the I-95 corridor and while alert drivers can do much to keep safe, the major intersections often prove the most hazardous.

The Philadelphia area injury attorneys of Cordisco & Saile LLC understand the legal consequences of both serious and fatal car accidents in PA. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident in Philadelphia or an auto accident in Bucks County, contact an experienced PA personal injury lawyer who can help you obtain the compensation required to ensure your best possible recovery.