Boy Seriously Injured By Car While Getting On the School Bus

7-year old Luicius Plaza-Alameda was crossing Byberry Road (between York Road and South Penn Street) trying to get onto his school bus on the morning of March 24, 2009, when he was struck by a car.

Danielle Pettinatto, of Hatboro, Pennsylvania was the driver of the vehicle that struck the 1st grader. Ms. Pettinatto was not charged with a crime, but officers continue to investigate the Pennsylvania pedestrian car accident.

Immediately after the car accident, the injured boy was rushed to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was treated for serious personal injuries.

Pennsylvania motor vehicle law requires that drivers on both sides of the road stop when they approach a school bus with its lights flashing and its stop sign extended.

If the driver of the car is found to be negligent, this Pennsylvania car accident will likely result in a claim against the driver’s Pennsylvania car insurance policy. Hopefully, the negligent driver of the car (known as a “tortfeasor”) has enough Pennsylvania car insurance to fully compensate the injured victim for his pain and suffering and other damages.