Bucks County Accident | Foot Injury Pain | Philadelphia

There are several possible foot injuries that can happen to you in a Philadelphia or Bucks County auto accident. Your foot injury can be minor bruising, which results in soreness and discomfort, but depending on the level and location of impact, your PA car accident can also leave you with a foot injury that is much more serious, explains Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr.

Foot injury could include:

  • lacerations; 
  • broken bones; 
  • nerve & tendon damage;
  • a crushed foot; or
  • amputation of the foot (in the most severe cases).

The degree of damage to your car doesn’t always directly correspond to your injuries.


You have probably heard of or known someone whose car was totaled in a Bucks County or Philadelphia area accident and yet he or she walked away with just a scratch. Other times, looking at a car with very little body damage, you would never know someone was severely injured, but he or she sustained an injury that will take months or years to heal.

One type of foot crush injury commonly happens in pedestrian accidents.  When hit by a car it is not unusual for a pedestrian’s foot to be run over by the passing vehicle. This can lead to broken bones in the foot or a “crush injury”. This type of accident injury can cause an incredible amount of damage to the foot. Besides broken bones, all of the soft tissue ligaments, tendons and blood vessels can be damaged.  Your foot can also be seriously injured in an accident in which you are inside the car, either as the driver or a passenger.

The Workings of the Foot

The foot is designed in several “compartments.” In a crush injury the fascia, or top portion of the foot, may swell, making the skin look shiny as the arteries are closed off, cutting circulation. Your toes may feel tingly and there will likely be great pain when attempting to move the foot or walk.

In a crushed foot injury, swelling can occur immediately or over the following 24 hours. This type of foot injury often requires immediate surgical attention to reduce pressure on the skin. Broken skin can often lead to infection, so it is important that you get medical attention by going to the ER department at the hospital or by seeing your family doctor as quickly as possible following your PA or NJ car accident.

What if Your Accident Injury Leaves you with Limited Mobility and Mounting Medical Bills?

Bucks County personal injury lawyer, Michael L. Saile, Jr., can help you to obtain the compensation you need to heal from a severe foot injury as a result of your NJ or PA accident. We believe you need experienced representation for a personal injury claim because we understand the law as it applies to New Jersey and Pennsylvania auto accidents and a foot injury can make it difficult for you to walk, drive a car, work, or be completely independent.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident in Philadelphia or Bucks County, you may not be sure if you need to file a personal injury claim. Get our FREE PA Car Accident Guide written for accident victims and will answer many of your questions.