Bucks County Attorney Warns Motorists About the Dangers of Alcohol

Riding a motorcycle can be a safe and enjoyable experience if the proper precautions are followed. However, if you choose to ride a motorcycle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the combination is likely to lead to a deadly Pennsylvania motorcycle crash.

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Alcohol impaired driving is one of America’s most frequently committed and most deadly crimes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drivers who had a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or higher were responsible for the deaths of 13,000 people in 2006. The percentage of legally intoxicated motorcyclists in fatal crashes was greater than the percentage of legally intoxicated drivers of passenger cars, SUVs or pick-up trucks.

Regardless of what you are driving, it’s dangerous when you mix alcohol into the equation. In the case of a motorcycle driver, the essential skills to ride include balance and coordination. These are the two most affected areas of your body with alcohol, so it plays a particularly large role in motorcycle fatalities.

One of the biggest problems with motorcyclists and alcohol is that far too many people don’t seem to comprehend that they don’t mix. Impaired riding is not a victimless crime. Many bikers believe they are only hurting themselves if they are in a crash, but the truth is that the pain, suffering and financial costs often extend to family members and friends.

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