Bucks County Bicycle Lighting Requirements | Night Bicycle Riding

Riding a bicycle without lighting at night it can be very dangerous not only for the bicyclists but also for the drivers on the road who sometimes cannot see them. In Bucks County, Pennsylvania it is by law that you must have a light on your bicycle when you ride at night. You need lights so that other people can see you. Pennsylvania also requires that you must have a rear reflector visible from 500 feet. Be sure to check with your local bicycle shop owner or the reflector’s packaging to make sure you purchase one that complies with the law. If you are a Bucks County bicyclist and like to ride at night, you should be very aware of some important information.


There are three major types of lights that are available for bicycles. These lights are

  • Small battery lights
  • Generator systems
  • High-powered battery systems


Small battery lights are mostly used for bicycle riders who ride under streetlights. Aim the headlight so that it looks as bright as possible to people ahead of you.


A generator system is a bright light that is bright enough for you to ride on dark roads. This is the best sort of lighting for long- distance riding. You do not have to recharge the batteries that go into these lights. Most generator systems go dark when you stop riding. This can be a disadvantage though for  stop-and-go riding in town or in local residential neighborhoods.


High-powered battery lights are the brightest of the lights. They are the best for night riding and highly recommended. Even thought high-powered lights are more expensive and heavier, these lights make a clear, bright path for your travels. These light batteries do need recharging a lot more frequently than most. light batteries.


It is a good idea with any light you have on your bike that you keep a spare bulb or batteries in an on-board emergency pack just in case yours fails. It is very difficult for drivers to see bicycle riders at night, so you should plan ahead to carefully consider your route, your visibility and the law, anytime you plan to ride at night.


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