Bucks County Car Accidents and Teen Drivers

As parents, we take the responsibility of keeping our children safe seriously. However, our hands become tied when they start driving. In many instances, they get behind the wheel while we sit at home worrying. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help prepare your teen for the dangers they face and to avoid a Bucks County car accident.

Set a Good Example

It’s no secret that children mimic their parents. What do your teens see when they are in the car with you? Though you should always practice safe driving habits, it’s more important that you do when your children are with you. You should drive the way you want your child to drive.

Teach them the Risks of Distracted Driving

Driving distractions are probably the biggest dangers teens face while behind the wheel. Your teen driver should understand that taking their eyes off the road, even for a split second, can result in deadly consequences. Common driving distractions for teens include:

  • Sending and receiving text messages.
  • Talking on the cell phone.
  • Adjusting radio dials.
  • Eating and drinking.
  • Personal grooming.

Practice with Your Teen

As a parent, you should spend time with your teen by working with them on their driving skills. It is recommended that you spend at least 50 hours practicing with your teen before turning them loose on the roadways.

Teach Your Teen about Car Maintenance

Most teens are unaware of how a car works and the maintenance required. Give them the responsibility of:

  • Frequently checking the tires.
  • Scheduling routine oil changes.
  • Understanding the different indicators on the dashboard.
  • Knowing what to do in an emergency, such as a flat tire. They should have a prearranged plan.

What They Should Do if They Are Involved in an Accident

Though you hope your child is never involved in a car accident, they should know what to do in case one occurs. Simple things they should know include:

  • Dialing 911, especially if someone is seriously injured.
  • Asking for the other driver or drivers’ name, number, driver’s license number, and car registration information.
  • Writing down the other car’s license plate number.
  • Taking as many pictures of the accident as possible using their cell phone or camera.
  • Looking for witnesses and asking for their personal information.
  • If an insurance adjuster calls them following the accident, do not talk to them without your consent. It’s okay for them to hang up on the adjuster.

If Your Teen Is Injured

You should speak with an auto accident attorneys immediately if your child is injured in an accident. At Cordisco & Saile Law Firm, we are experienced in handling car accident injury claims and dealing with insurance companies. We will utilize our extensive knowledge to make sure your child is not taken advantage of and that they get the necessary care and compensation they deserve.

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If your teen driver has been injured in an accident, contact one of our experienced Bucks County distracted driving accident attorneys at Cordisco & Saile Law Firm at 215-642-2335. We will help guide your family through the intimidating legal process.