Bucks County Car Crash Lawyers Present Pennsylvania School Bus Law

School is underway again, which means that busses are filling the roadways in the morning and afternoon hours – busses that are transporting precious cargo to and from school. Even though we know that these busses are filled with innocent children, many drivers become agitated in their presence, trying to pass and driving dangerously. Driving aggressively around school busses is extremely dangerous and could lead to a devastating Bucks County auto accident.

When you notice a bus on the roadway, remember the following:

  • Watch for children when busses are present.
  • Never pass a bus with an extended stop arm and flashing red signal lights. This is not only very dangerous, it is also illegal.
  • Wait until the stop arm has been put back, and the red lights have stopped flashing before proceeding.
  • If the sign is in, you can pass – but be very cautious of children.
  • Never attempt to pass on the right side of a bus.
  • If a bus is stopping, prepare to stop as well. You must stop at least 10 feet in front of or behind the bus.
  • You must stop for the bus if you are on a road that is not physically divided. If the road is divided and the bus is on the other side, you do not have to stop.
  • You must stop for a bus that is stopped at an intersection, regardless of whether or not you have a stop sign.
  • Busses stop at all railroad crossings, so be prepared.

Over 1,000 Pennsylvania motorists who are trying to pass school busses with extended stop arms and flashing red lights are caught each year. If you are caught breaking this Pennsylvania school bus law, you will receive a minimum of:

  • License suspension for 60 days
  • 5 points on your driving record
  • Fine of at least $250

When you see a bus on the roadway, try to gather your patience. Gaining a minute on your commute is not worth the fines and fees that you are likely to get for trying to pass – not to mention the devastation you will cause if you injure or kill an innocent child.

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