Bucks County Distracted Driving Accidents, the Common Culprits

A Bucks County distracted driving accident can occur anytime, anywhere, and any place. Distractions are dangerous because they take your mind away from operating your vehicle, putting you and those you share the Pennsylvania roadways with at risk of being seriously injured in an automobile accident.

What we know about distracted driving accidents

Car accidents involving a distracted driver are more common than you might think. It is believed that:

  • Distractions contribute to nearly one in four nationwide accidents
  • Distracted driving is more common among younger drivers
  • Distracted driving accidents result in millions of dollars in damage annually

Steps to avoid driving distractions

Though you can’t control the driving habits of others, there are steps you can take to avoid distractions while behind the wheel, which can lead to a Bucks County car accident. These tips include:

  • Avoid making calls or sending texts
  • Adjust your radio dial or GPS before starting your car
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid personal hygiene activities, such as putting on makeup, doing your hair, or shaving
  • Avoid changing your clothes

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