Bucks County Fatal Crash Lawyers Shed Light on Motorcycle Mistakes

The feeling of the wind in your face and your surroundings racing by when you are riding on a motorcycle is a thrill that is incomparable to anything else. But if you’re not smart about how you ride, you may get more of a thrill than you ever imagined.

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Riding is a uniquely different experience for each and every motorcyclist, but one thing that is very common about motorcycle riding is the fact that new motorcyclists have a high likelihood of making devastating mistakes. These mistakes, which are often very preventable, are frequently due to a lack of proper training. This lack of training combined with overconfidence in one’s abilities can lead to a potentially fatal Pennsylvania motorcycle crash.

The following are 5 very common – and very preventable – causes of Pennsylvania and New Jersey bike wrecks. By taking a few extra precautions, you can ensure that you do not fall prey to one of these deadly mistakes.

  1. Peer Pressure – Peer pressure can be good if your peers are talking you into the best type of protective gear or the safest helmet, but oftentimes new riders succumb to pressure from their peers which puts them in danger. If you are being pressured to do anything that threatens your safety, stand strong. 
  2. Limits – If you are a new rider, your comfort level on a bike will be much different than someone who has been riding for years. Going right along with peer pressure, the pressure to push your limits – either from yourself or from others – is extremely dangerous. Never put yourself in a situation that you are not 100% positive you could handle with ease. 
  3. Hazards – Watching the road for hazards – and navigating around or through them with ease – is a skill which must be honed by a new rider. Be on the lookout for loose gravel, potholes, debris or any other hazard which may cause you to lose control of your bike.
  4. Corners – Corners can be tricky and are a leading cause of motorcycle accidents. Whether it is cutting them too close, too wide or too fast, riders can be seriously injured if they do not know how to properly negotiate a corner.
  5. Safety Course – Taking a motorcycle safety course is one of the most important things a new rider can do, but is a step than many riders skip altogether. These courses prepare riders with the knowledge they need to stay safe and ride smart.

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