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Speeding motorcyclists on popularly termed “crotch rockets” may find themselves victims of their own quest for thrills. The high-performance racing bikes they ride, actually called “supersports” have driver fatality rates four times higher than that of drivers of other types of motorcycles, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. shares that speeding motorcyclists traveling the heavily trafficked Philadelphia area roadways, such as I-95, are often the cause of fatal accidents.


Are the Thrills Worth the Risk?

No doubt you have seen supersports and other sport bikes on Bucks County and Philadelphia roads. With more horsepower and built on racing platforms modified for the street, these motorcycles can top speeds of 180mph. Even the smaller 250cc models boast acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds. Some motorcycle riders take great risks, swerving in and out of cars from lane to lane speeding alone or racing each other. You see it on many of Bucks County’s more highly traveled roads: Route 332, Route 532, Street Road, Route 413, etc. So it’s not surprising that of all two-vehicle fatal accidents in PA involving a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle, 93% occur on non-interstate roads. 

If you were to question supersport motorcycle enthusiasts, no doubt you’d find many who view themselves as invincible, believing they will never be involved in a motorcycle accident. Speeding, they’ll tell you, is thrilling; but on sport bikes, the likelihood of accident injury increases significantly. Recent IIHS figures show that 37% of all motorcyclists involved in fatal accidents were speeding.


Protect your Brain…Wear a Helmet


There are also those who choose to ride motorcycles in Pennsylvanai and New Jersey without a helmet. Motorcycle safety advocates work to convince riders that motorcycle accident victims have a better chance of surviving a serious accient if they wear a helmet. Be aware that a brain injury can leave you permanently disabled. Speeding motorcyclists are at high risk for fatal injury in the Bucks County and Philadelphia region, especially if they engage in additional unsafe maneuvers and do not wear a helmet.


Reckless Motorcyclists can Bring Harm to Others on the Road


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