Bucks County Injury Lawyer’s Recent Case Makes Philadelphia Daily News Cover!

Bucks County Injury Lawyer's Recent Case Makes Philadelphia Daily News Cover!



There has been a recent concern about nuisance bars in Philadelphia. Now it was time for the Philadelphia Daily News to break a story about the problem with bouncers and security personnel in Philadelphia’s bars and night clubs. The Philadelphia Daily News turned to Bucks County injury attorney, Michael L. Saile, Jr., Esq. to highlight a recent Philadelphia personal injury case that he handled involving a serious injury caused by a bouncer in a Philadelphia bar.

The incident occurred the day after the Phillies World Series parade in November 2008. Mr. Saile’s personal injury client, Dean Bowser, attended a Halloween party at the Field House Restaurant/Bar along with his brother and friend in Philadelphia. When it became time to pay the tab, the rude bartender had a problem working the credit card machine. Dean Bowser offered to pay cash and reached for the credit card that the bartender appeared to be handing to him. Mr. Bowser then was grabbed by bouncers from behind while the bartender jumped over the bar attacking Mr. Bowser. They all then fell to the floor where Bowser was punched and kicked. One bouncer pulled Mr. Bowser up and rushed him out the door where Mr. Bowser’s arm broke through a plate glass window pane located in the door causing him severe injuries to his arm.

Mr. Saile consulted with esteemed security expert, Russell Kolins, who conducted his own investigation and opined that the Field House was negligent in the manner in which they handled Mr. Bowser. The Field House failed to have sufficient procedures on how to deal with this type of situation. The only written procedure that the bar had was to call a manager to deal with the problem. This procedure (the only written rule) was violated. The careless or perhaps reckless way in which Field House employees removed Mr. Bowser from the bar was the direct cause of Bowser’s severe personal injuries.

Although the amount and conditions of the settlement of the case are strictly confidential, Mr. Bowser and Philadelphia area injury lawyer, Michael L. Saile, Jr. hopes that public awareness of this incident will make bar, clubs, and other liquor serving establishments in the area SAFER for all people.

The two major purposes of injury lawsuits are:

  1. To compensate the victim and
  2. To help to prevent a similar type of future injury.

We hope that local establishments will learn from this story and implement safety programs and procedures for the hiring and training its security personnel including bouncers, bartenders, and other employees.