Bucks County Motorcycle Accidents and Helmets

Many motorcyclists object to the notion that they should be required to wear a helmet. However, a recent study suggests that a motorcycle helmet can protect your face in the event you are involved in a Bucks County motorcycle accident.

More cyclists hitting the road

According to Dr. Joseph Crompton of UCLA, there has been an increase in motorcycles on the road in recent years.

“The number of motorcycles on the road and the number of collisions in the last several years has just risen precipitously,” Dr. Crompton said. “I think it certainly supports the idea that there should be mandatory helmet laws.”

A look at the numbers

Between 2002 and 2005, approximately 46,000 people involved in motorcycle accidents were sent to U.S. hospitals. Nearly 77 percent of those were wearing helmets, which proved to be a face-saving decision for most. Of those injured, approximately:

  • 1,700 suffered nose injuries
  • 2,300 suffered eye injuries
  • 800 suffered broken jaws
  • 1,400 suffered face bruises


In the end, the numbers support the idea that motorcycle helmets can save your face. Bikers wearing helmets had a 60 percent lower chance of suffering a serious face injury.

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