Bucks County Motorcycle Accidents

Summer is the season for motorcycles. Although you may wish you could ride your bike all year, most Bucks County residents stash their bikes in a place safe from the winter elements. Now that summer has arrived, though, it’s time to break out the bike and take advantage of the beautiful Bucks County summer. Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer, Michael L. Saile, Jr., explains how this trend can actually lead to more Bucks County motorcycle accidents.

Increased Motorcycles on Philadelphia Area Streets

Many motorcycle owners in Bucks County keep their bikes in a garage or shed for the winter, which means when the warm weather arrives, they are definitely ready to start riding again. With this influx of motorcycles on Bucks County and Philadelphia roads, more motorcycle accidents are probable. This is because the sheer number of motorcycle riders increases, making it more likely that an accident involving a motorcycle will occur.

Summer Travel

Summer travel plans almost always include some consideration for traffic on Bucks County highways, whether you are heading to the New Jersey beaches or the Philadelphia International Airport. Motorcycle riders use these routes as well, and the high speeds on roads like Interstate 95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike can make motorcycle accidents much more likely, and much more deadly.

Motorcycle Safety Issues

No matter how experienced you are on your bike, some extra safety precautions are necessary during the summer. It is important to perform the necessary maintenance to your bike before taking it out on the road after the long winter. It is also important to remember to stay hydrated and to realize if you are getting overheated, sunburned, or fatigued. If you are in the midst of a long ride, keep in mind your level of fuel as well as the status of things like your tires and your brakes.

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