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Driving is something that most people love to do as it symbolizes freedom and independence. However, for most of us, there will come a time when we will have to stop driving, either temporarily or permanently. One of the most common times that driving is limited is in old age, when the driver is unable to operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner and is at a greater risk of causing a Pennsylvania or New Jersey auto accident.

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Bringing up the subject of limiting or discontinuing driving with a loved one can be a very touchy subject; however, it is a subject that you need to talk about for the safety of your loved one as well as others on the roadway. Try to ride with your elderly loved ones periodically and watch for these warning signs that it may be time for them to turn in the keys:

  1. Frequent crashes, fender benders or close calls
  2. Scrapes or dents in the car, mailbox, fences or curbs
  3. Getting lost in familiar places
  4. Responding slowly to unexpected situations, such as a sudden stop in traffic
  5. Misjudging the time or space needed to turn across traffic
  6. Confusing the gas and brake pedals
  7. Difficulty seeing traffic signals or signs
  8. Riding the brake
  9. Failure to notice pedestrians, bicyclists or other vehicles
  10. Difficulty seeing the instrument panel

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