Bucks County Truck Accident Attorney on Pennsylvania’s Anti-Idling Law

In 2008, the State of Pennsylvania passed a law banning commercial trucks from idling. This ban has forced some truckers to sleep in their tractor trailers without heat or air conditioning. By not getting a good night’s sleep, the tired trucker may put you in harm’s way and increase your risk of suffering injuries in a Bucks County truck crash.

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Truckers are constantly put in stressful situations, whether it is making a delivery on time or navigating tight traffic, but getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be on the list. Studies have found that drivers without a proper night’s sleep are at a much higher risk of causing a serious semi-truck accident.

The Pennsylvania anti-idling law prohibits commercial trucks over 10,000 pounds from running their engine for more than five minutes in any 60 minute period. In order to help truckers maintain their comfort, many truck stops and rest areas offer stationary idle reduction technology. At these places, drivers are able to connect their trucks to a kiosk in order to provide power for heating, cooling, appliances and electrical needs.

What about the truckers who are unable to make it to a rest area or travel center? What if the centers are full and there is nowhere for the truckers to plug in? For these situations, truckers may be able to turn to mobile idle reduction technology, such as small auxiliary heaters and power systems. These systems provide heat, cooling and electrical power without requiring the main propulsion engine to idle. If, for some reason, these systems are not available to the trucker or are not working properly, the trucker may be forced to reside in uncomfortable – and sometimes dangerous – temperatures and may not be able to get the rest they need to drive safely.

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