Bus Accident in Hopewell Township Injures Five

A recent accident in Hopewell Township could have been much worse than it was. The accident involved a school bus and three cars at the intersection of Route 569 and Crusher Road.

Five people were injured during the accident—one of whom was a small child. The 4-year-old student was the only child on the bus and was being taken to a preschool at the time of the crash. The child was injured, though not severely, and was taken to the hospital.

Four other people, all adults, were taken to area hospitals as well. Among the injured were the driver of the bus, an aide, and two of the occupants of the cars involved in the accident. All injuries were reported as minor.

Cause of the Accident Not Yet Known

At the time of this report, police have not yet named an official cause of the accident or charged anyone involved in the accident.

According to police, the accident occurred when the driver of a Honda Civic struck the passenger side of the bus. This caused the bus to spin and overturn, coming to rest on the hood of a Hyundai Elantra. After the Civic hit the bus, the Civic spun, entering Hopewell-Princeton Road, where it was hit by another vehicle. 

Our Langhorne accident attorneys were glad to hear that the accident did not cause any serious injuries. However, we know that even minor injuries can be traumatic. We hope all of the accident victims, and especially the child, are well on their way to recovering fully from their injuries.