Car Accidents on Kozloski Road in New Jersey

Fatal car accidents on Kozloski Road in New Jersey have claimed the lives of four people in about a month. The death of a seven-year-old child in a car crash in late September marked the fourth death. The high rate of accidents and traffic fatalities in that area near Route 33 in New Jersey has local residents crying out for local officials and highway planners to find a solution.

Kozloski Road Traffic Accidents

The fatal car crash occurred in the same area as another accident that killed three a little more than a month prior. The accident that killed the seven-year-old boy involved two vehicles. The drivers of the vehicles, including the boy’s mother, reportedly suffered minor injuries.

On August 19, three people died and one was seriously injured in a three-vehicle crash. One vehicle was heading northbound on Kozloski when it veered into the southbound lane, hitting another vehicle head-on. Both vehicles spun out of control, and one of them went airborne landing on top of a third vehicle. The boy who was killed was a passenger in the third vehicle. Investigators are still looking into the cause of the accident.

The victims who lost their lives included Noelle DeLuccio, 20; Nicholas Dever, 19; and Thomas J. Koller, 50. The sole survivor, a 25 year-old man, sustained serious head injuries and was initially reported to be in critical condition.

The Issues with Kozloski Road

The two main issues local residents proclaim is the cause of the fatal accidents on Kozloski Road are speed the absence of a median. The father of one of the victims who lost her life in the August 19 accident, DeLuccio, explained in a news report that he desperately wants local officials to build a median or barrier to divide the south and northbound lanes on Kozloski Road. 

“[A median] may not have saved my daughter’s life or Dever’s, but it might have saved Koller’s,” DeLuccio said. “I don’t want any other family to have to go through this.”

Local Officials are Addressing the Issue

Deputy Mayor Anthony Ammiano said Freehold Township, where the accidents occurred, had a meeting and is looking for answers to this issue. He also noted the township plans to meet with the commissioner of the Department of Transportation, Joseph Bertoni, to discuss solutions.

In addition, the police department will promote the annual “Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day” on October 10 to promote public awareness of the safety issues and encourage safe driving. To do your part and get the word out about the “Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day” initiative and the safety issues on Kozloski, share this post with your loved ones and friends who travel in the area.  Feel free to use the social media share buttons on the left.

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