Cars and Trucks and Bears, Oh My! Dangers of a Distracted Pedestrian

The video of the texting walker almost running into a bear amused many, but it was anything but funny to our Langhorne pedestrian accident lawyers. And, we are not the only ones concerned about distracted pedestrians.

Study Points to Dangerous Trend

A new study recently published online in the journal Injury Prevention, showed that texting pedestrians were four times less likely to:

  • Look before crossing the street
  • Obey traffic lights
  • Cross at the appropriate place 

Texters also spent an average of two seconds longer in the intersection, increasing their risk of being hit by a car.

But, texting isn’t the only distraction to which pedestrians are prone. Observers for the study noted that walkers were distracted when selecting and listening to music, talking on the phone, and wrangling their children or pets.

Distraction Rules the Day

Dr. Beth Ebel co-authored the study and is concerned that mobile device distraction will continue to be an issue. “We all see the problem,” said Ebel in an interview, “And yet, many of us contribute to the problem. When you’re texting, you’re really not looking… you’re drawn into the world of the answer you’re sending back to somebody, and you’re simply not paying attention.”

More people are becoming concerned with the distractions in our lives, and this is a good thing! Studies have shown it is impossible for the human brain to truly “multitask.” With this knowledge, let’s all pledge to be less distracted.

Whether we are walking to work or driving to pick up the kids, let’s put down the phone, keep our heads up, and concentrate on the task at hand. Together, we may be able to prevent an accident and save a life. Are you in?

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