Children & PA Auto Accidents

Children depend on their parents for most things in their young lives, including food, shelter, and transportation. Since children cannot legally drive, they are almost completely dependent on their parents to get where they need to be. This is why it is particularly heartbreaking when children are injured in Bucks County auto accidents; they had no control over the situation and no choice but to be in that car with a parent or another caregiver. Even when children are riding bikes or just walking down the street, they are in danger of personal injuries caused by automobiles, cautions Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr.
Statistics show that almost 700 American children are injured each day in auto accidents. And many of these injuries occur because of mistakes made by their own parents. Babies and young children need to ride in a car seat or booster seat, which means parents need to know how to operate and properly install these potentially life-saving devices. When used incorrectly, as many are, car seats and booster seats fail to protect children from NJ and PA accident injuries.

The Importance of Setting a Good Example for Your Children

Older children are often very influenced by their parents’ habits in the car.  Studies show that when a parent does not wear a seat belt, a child is more likely to also not wear a seat belt. Without a seat belt, Bucks County auto accident injuries can end up being severe for children and parents alike.
Too often drunk parents get behind the wheel to drive their own children. The children are innocent and helpless in this situation, especially if a drunk driver is their only way to get home. Driving drunk or even buzzed driving is extremely unfair and dangerous for children and other passengers in your car. Not only is it illegal, but drunk driving, or even buzzed driving, is extreme inconsiderate behavior, increasing the risk of an auto accident and unnecessary injury to children and others on the road.

Children can Sustain Accident Injuries While Outside of a Vehicle

Even when children are not riding in a car, they can still be in danger of a personal injury from a Philadelphia area accident.  A personal injury is almost guaranteed for a child involved in a Bucks County bicycle or pedestrian accident, when the child is the pedestrian or bicycle rider.

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