Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you recently sustained injuries in a Philadelphia area auto accident?  If so, you should consider hiring an injury lawyer to file and handle your personal injury claim. An experienced Pennsylvania car accident lawyer can be an invaluable asset to your injury case. Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. suggests that you follow these tips to find the right lawyer for you:

  • Do you even need a lawyer? There are definitely situations in which a personal injury lawyer is unnecessary. If your doctor diagnoses that your injuries as minimal (i.e. cuts, scrapes, mild tenderness and stiffness, etc.) and not at all permanent, if you’ve lost no time from work, and/or if your daily activities have not been curtailed due to the accident, it may be more beneficial for you to handle your own car accident claim with your insurance company. If you’ve been severely injured in a PA or NJ auto accident, then it is a good idea to follow the rest of these steps.
  • Research: Definitely do your research. Ask friends and family about local personal injury lawyers they’ve used or dealt with in the past, and ask for honest reviews. Additionally, seek out local lawyers who focus specifically on car accident law. It is a good idea to research several Bucks County law firms before choosing one. Visit their websites and make sure they have both peer and customer reviews readily available. Find reviews for Cordisco & Saile LLC here.
  • Consultation: Most Philadelphia area personal injury lawyers offer a FREE consultation. It is a good idea to visit the firms and the attorneys you’ve researched for this consultation. Ask about the attorney’s experience with your type of accident and recovering for the injuries you have sustained, and ask what their plan of action would be. 
  • Fee:  You will want to choose a lawyer that has a fair fee agreement.  Most injury lawyers work on a contigent fee basis and most clients prefer this method because there is no “up-front” money, or a retainer, due to the lawyer in order for him/her to start work on your case.  Having a contigent based fee means that a lawyer does not get paid for handling your case unless money is recovered from your case.  Be mindful of making sure that you are clearly informed of – and in full agreement with – the percentage of your settlement that the lawyer will be paid prior to signing his/her fee agreement.

It is important that you trust your Bucks County personal injury lawyer, as it is possible that he or she could end up representing you in court. It is imperative that you be completely honest and keep in contact with your attorney over the course of your case.

If you’ve been injured in a Bucks County auto accident, contact the law firm of  Cordisco & Saile LLC for a FREE consultation. You can also download a FREE copy of our book, “How to Maximize Your Pennsylvania Car Accident Case Before an insurance Company Takes Advantage of You,” which you won’t find at any other Bucks County law offices.