Common Accident Injuries in PA and NJ: Child Injuries

Common Accident Injuries in PA and NJ: Child InjuriesYour kids mean the world to you. It can be extremely frightening if your child is injured in a car accident. You may feel that it is your fault or that you were responsible for your child’s injuries. If the other driver caused the accident, he or she should be held responsible for your child’s injuries. We can help you recover for injuries to your children caused by a careless or reckless driver.

No matter how hard we try we cannot always protect our children from the aftermath of a serious car accident.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey have specific laws that protect children and provide for their safety when riding in motor vehicles. Car seat laws, seat belt laws, and children/passenger laws require parents be knowledgeable on the current status of the law. If parents do not comply with child safety laws when children are injured in car accidents, the parents could be held partially liable for the child’s injuries. If you are a new parent, we recommend that you educate yourself on Pennsylvania and/or New Jersey child safety laws.

The best we can do is to get our children to the right doctors
and right lawyer to help them recover.

Injuries to children can be either complex or very simple. Children have a better recovery rate from injuries than adults do. This is because children often outgrow their injuries. The difficult part of recovering fair compensation for child injuries is because the long term effect of an injury to a child is never really known. A typical injury case or claim is resolved in a few years. Young children do not mature physically until their late teens and do not mature mentally until their 20s.

Oftentimes it is difficult to find a doctor that will treat injured children. Pediatricians may be the primary physician to the child, but these doctors do not specialize in child injuries. Orthopedic doctors, neurologists, and chiropractors may not have the knowledge or experience to treat an injured child.

In addition, you should be finding a lawyer who has worked with children and knows how to recover for child injuries. Insurance companies and juries in Bucks County, Mercer County and Philadelphia sometimes are led to believe that a child will outgrow an injury, when this may not be the case. It is up to the child injury lawyer to convince an insurance company adjuster, judge, or jury that your child deserves fair compensation for his or her pain, restrictions, and disability. Contact us for experienced child injury legal representation. We handle cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including Philadelphia, Trenton, Bucks County, Montgomery County, PA, Mercer County, NJ, and other PA and NJ counties.