Common Accident Injuries in PA and NJ: Scarring

Common Accident Injuries in PA and NJ: ScarringScarring injuries come from many causes. Whether you are assaulted with a knife, cut by glass in a car accident, have slipped and fallen on something sharp, or have been burned, scarring is a permanent injury. Cuts, burns and other wounds must be properly cared for to prevent infection and promote healing. It is important to follow your treating doctor’s instructions regarding wound care so that the surrounding skin and tissue is not damaged.

Scars never go away… sometimes they get better, and sometimes they look worse. Is plastic surgery right for you?

Scarring in personal injury cases can be worth substantial money because scarring is permanent. Significant scarring usually can get an injured scar victim over the limited tort – verbal threshold restrictions on their auto insurance policy. It is difficult for insurance companies, judges, juries, and even lawyers to put a value on a scar because every scar is different.

Scarring victims are not all equal. You may not think this is fair, but a scar on a young female is worth more compensation than a scar on an older man. Scarring injury cases usually do not settle quickly because it takes about a year or so for a scar to fully heal. The permanency of the scar is also an important factor in the compensation awarded for a scar injury.

Experienced Bucks County, Mercer County, or Philadelphia scar injury lawyers know to have their clients’ scars examined by a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons will then make a recommendation as to any possible scar treatment or surgical revision or fixing of the scar to improve the scar’s appearance. If you or a loved one is suffering from a scarring injury, learn more about your scar injury by contacting us for a free consultation. We are experienced Bucks County, Mercer County, and Philadelphia scar injury lawyers.