Common Conditions Not Diagnosed That Lead to Death

Woman headacheYou know something is wrong. You go to your doctor to find out why your body isn’t feeling quite right, and she sends you away with an over-the-counter treatment option. She dismissed what you know isn’t right in your body, and now you are left to pay the price.

It might seem surprising, but there are some conditions, such as cancer, that get misdiagnosed or overlooked all the time by doctors. Researchers recently concluded a study that looked at autopsy reports and malpractice claims. The conditions they found that should have been diagnosed earlier are surprising.

Five Commonly Misdiagnosed Conditions That Require Fast Treatment

As a medical malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia, I am amazed at how often doctors fail to diagnose conditions. The mistake made by doctors is serious, and often leads to death. Here are the top five most fatal conditions doctors regularly fail to diagnose:

  • Infection. Nurses, medical staff, and doctors often brush off signs of an infection as the body healing. Infections, especially in people who are already ill, pose an imminent danger if not treated right away. If the infection spreads or worsens, you could spend months in the hospital, away from work, family, and friends. If your body does not make a full recovery from the infection, your life could be at risk.
  • Cancer. It is surprising to think that doctors can miss signs of cancer. However, a doctor might assume that growths are benign and might fail to perform the proper testing to ensure your health is not at risk. Or, if he orders the right tests, he could still miss critical signs and symptoms of cancer.
  • Heart attack. Heart attacks often show mysterious symptoms. Unlike the Hollywood trope of a clutching his chest and falling to the ground, many heart attack victims experience symptoms away from their heart and chest, such as pain radiating down the arm or leg. This sometimes confuses doctors, and they give the wrong diagnosis.
  • Blood clots. Following surgery, your body is at a heightened risk of blood clots forming. If the medical team caring for you while you are sick does not take the proper measures to monitor for embolisms, or blood clots, you could be at risk without knowing it. Blood clots can travel through the body to cause a stroke or heart attack.
  • Cardiovascular disease. Because heart disease is one of the leading causes of death nationwide, it is surprising that so many doctors still fail to diagnose heart problems early on. When something goes wrong and your cardiovascular system is compromised, your life is on the line.

These conditions are all life-threatening and should be taken very seriously. If you know something is not right with your body, it is vital that you push for more tests and further investigating by your doctor. Do not trust that your medical caregiver will catch a serious medical condition right away.

This information could save your life, your family’s lives, and the lives of people you know. We encourage you to share this on Facebook and spread the word about this common epidemic of failing to diagnose serious conditions.