Common Slip and Fall Injuries and Their Consequences

Most people have probably been in a slip and fall accident at some point in their life, and hopefully you were fortunate enough to endure no injuries or only minor bumps and bruises. However, some slip and fall accidents cause serious injury, expenses, and loss.

A number of factors, including an individual’s own momentary clumsiness, can cause falls. There are also cases when a fall is the result of a property owner’s negligence. In such cases, the injured party may need to file a premises liability claim to recover damages related to their slip and fall injuries.

Common Types of Slip and Fall Injuries

A slip and fall accident can result in mild to severe injuries that vary in nature. Some minor injuries may include bumps, bruises, and scrapes. These minor accidents generally cause no financial or emotional damages beyond perhaps some momentary embarrassment.

But cases of serious slip and fall injuries can affect a person’s ability to work or perform routine daily activities. The following injuries may more commonly require emergency and/or extended medical care.

  • Broken bones: Fractures are not uncommon in slip and fall accidents. Victims might break their wrists or arms when trying to brace their falls or may break other bones depending on how they land and the severity of the fall.
  • Soft tissue damage: Some slip and fall victims experience strains and sprains. Injuries to ligaments in the knee, for example, may require rehabilitation or even surgery, and the patient may be unable to perform normal activities while recovering.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: These can range from relatively mild concussions, to severe TBIs that cause lasting complications involving cognition, emotions, language skills, and more.
  • Spinal cord injuries: A spinal cord injury might be severe and result in partial or complete paralysis, or even death.

This is just a sampling of the slip and fall injuries that victims might suffer. Unfortunately, some injuries have costly and long-term consequences, which can create financial burden for the victim and his or her family. Fortunately, legal avenues exist to allow those harmed to recover compensation for their costs and losses.

Premises Liability Claims for Slip and Fall Injuries

Premises liability law permits those harmed on another’s property because of the property owner’s or manager’s negligence to pursue damages. So if an individual slip and fell in a grocery store, the store owner may be liable for damages. If an individual slipped and fell on a private residence, the homeowner or even the tenant may be liable.

Of course, this requires proving the following.

  • the property owner created the hazard that led to the accident.
  • the owner knew about the hazard but failed to correct it.
  • and, or should have known about the hazard.

If you can prove a property owner was negligent and this negligence caused or contributed to your slip and fall injuries, then you can recover compensation for your damages.

If you suffered significant injuries and damages you can recover compensation for these things.

  • surgery costs.
  • hospitalization.
  • home care.
  • medications for pain.
  • lost wages from your injury or disability.
  • and, more

Pain and suffering damages might also be recoverable to address the emotional impact of the injury.

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