Coping with Fatal Accidents

Death is difficult to deal with and understand at any time, but if a loved one dies suddenly in a PA or NJ auto accident, it can be particularly heartbreaking. No one should have to deal with the sudden death of a loved one, but we are powerless against such a tragedy. Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. sees first hand in his practice that Philadelphia area fatal accidents occur for various reasons, and they certainly occur too often. Many of our friends, family members, neighbors, and colleagues are taken from us too quickly and coping with these tragic deaths can be extremely difficult.

Unfortunately, fatal accidents occur with frequency on Bucks County roads. Because of things like speeding, drunk driving, inclement weather, and distracted driving, 1,324 people died in Pennsylvania auto accidents in 2010. These deaths leave so many family members and friends with the emotional burden of trying to understand their loss, and most people have a very hard time dealing with such tragic death.

The following tips may help you if you are dealing with the sudden death of a loved one due to a Bucks County fatal accident.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help: One of the best and most universal ways of dealing with grief is to talk about it. Whether you talk to family members, friends or even a therapist, just talking about the fatal accident is a big step in the grieving process.
  • Don’t overdo it: Everyone handles grief and sudden death differently, but some people think that the only way they can feel better and overcome feelings of sadness is to overindulge in and even abuse in drugs or alcohol to “numb” the pain. This can only make the situation worse in the long term.
  • Remember your loved one in a creative way: Channeling your mix of emotions into a creative process can be helpful for those dealing with sudden death. Keeping a journal of your feelings each day or creating a scrapbook to celebrate the life of someone you lost can help you understand and explore various emotions.
  • Do it your own way: It is true that everyone grieves differently, and in the event of the sudden death of a loved one, you may feel pressured to react the same way others are reacting. It is important to realize that while some people cry for days, others shed only a few tears. While there should be a grieving process, there is no timeline or set events that need to happen for you to feel better. Your grieving process is your own in the aftermath of a Bucks County fatal accident.

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