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Costochondritis from Auto Accidents

There are several minor auto accident injuries which are caused by the trauma of the accident. Though minor, these injuries can lead to pain and suffering, medical bills, and missed work in the Philadelphia area. One of these injuries is costochondritis. Costochondritis is a skeletal condition affecting the upper ribs and the cartilage that joins the ribs to the sternum. This area can become inflamed from a variety of causes and cause chest pain. One of the most identifiable causes of costochondritis is auto accidents in which the driver’s chest strikes the steering wheel.

Costochondritis can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from other causes of chest pain, and can also have several unidentifiable causes. For this reason, the chest pain associated with costochondritis is often mistaken for the chest pain associated with heart attacks. If you have been injured in an auto accident in which you suffered from some sort of chest trauma, you may have costochondritis or some other bruising. It is important to get evaluated by your doctor to make sure your injury is not more serious. If you have not been recently injured in an auto accident and you are feeling chest pain, it is wise to call an ambulance or go to the emergency room as soon as possible, as this may be a sign of a heart attack or other serious emergency.

Other symptoms of costochondritis include pain in the back or abdomen, increasing pain as you take deep breaths, tenderness in the area of the chest injury, and possibly redness or swelling. Once again, it is important to visit your doctor, especially in the aftermath of a Bucks County auto accident, to ensure that your symptoms are not a sign of a more serious condition.

There is no surefire treatment for costochondritis, but when you visit your doctor, he or she can recommend the best course of action for dealing with your chest pain. Treatment often includes over the counter anti-inflammatory medications, like Advil or Aleve. Your doctor may also recommend heat or ice therapy, sufficient rest, and that you avoid strenuous exercise and contact sports. It is especially important to avoid these activities if you plan to file an injury claim.

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