Could Reducing Emissions Lead to Pennsylvania Semi-Truck Crashes?

Anti-idling restrictions have been popping up in many states throughout the nation, including Pennsylvania. They have been heavily backed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality. According to the EPA, restricting idling could greatly reduce the air quality by cutting down on emissions – but at what cost?

Pennsylvania is one such state in which truckers must turn off their vehicles when they are resting. This could lead to a multitude of problems, including dangerous temperatures and a lack of quality sleep. A lack of sleep could then lead to tired truckers on the roadway which causes – you guessed it – an increase in Pennsylvania truck wrecks.

In order to combat the rising or falling temperatures in the cab while the trucker is sleeping, there are facilities at which the trucker may hook up their vehicle in order to receive power for climate control and electrical needs. There are also mobile heaters and power systems which can be installed in the truck that do not run off the engine’s power.

But what about truckers who are not close to one of these stations? What if the station is too full? What is the option for truckers who do not have some sort of mobile power to keep them comfortable and safe in their vehicle?

These questions are part of a very heated debate within the trucking community. Many truck drivers are arguing that if you can’t keep an animal in your car under those dangerous temperatures, than why is it allowed for a human? Why is it okay for a trucker in his sleeper berth – which is essentially his home – to be deprived of a safe environment?

Another part of these regulations that seems unfair for truckers is the fact that motor homes are not included in the anti-idling laws. This seems like a very prejudiced rule against those who spend their lives living in their vehicles for work, not vacation.

What do you think? Do you think the Pennsylvania anti-idling regulations are helpful and effective? Do you think they are fair or too harsh?

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