Croydon Man Killed in Bensalem Motorcycle Accident

Although the popularity of motorcycles in the last ten years has exploded, they are still very dangerous for the riders. Motorcycle accidents are caused by many reasons. A motorcyclist can be as careful as he or she can be, but many times the other vehicle is the cause of the accident. Drivers of cars often find it difficult to spot a motorcycle when approaching in the opposite direction. When a motorcycle is hit by a car, there is no crumple zone or any other safety features such as airbags or seat belts. This exposes the motorcyclist to the full forces of the collision.

20-year old Joseph Gillespie of Croydon, PA lost his life in a motorcycle-car accident on July 16, 2009. Mr. Gillespie was driving his 2009 Yamaha motorcycle eastbound on Street Road in Bensalem when a motorist, a 17-year old from Northeast Philadelphia, traveling westbound proceeded to make a left turn. She cut across the eastbound lanes and in front of Mr. Gillespie’s oncoming motorcycle in order to make her turn. Mr. Gillespie struck the driver’s vehicle and was killed.

Police records indicate that neither alcohol nor drugs were linked to this fatal Bucks County accident.