Dangerous Roads in Doylestown

Doylestown, Pennsylvania is home to many schools, neighborhoods populated with families, and popular shops and restaurants. It is also home to narrow, winding, and one-way roads that need to be navigated carefully in order to avoid accidents. There are often kids walking and bicycling on Doylestown’s streets, as well as teens who are being taught how to drive on the local Doylestown roads. If you don’t know the roads and drive carelessly, a fatal Bucks County accident can occur.

In 2009 alone there were 11 fatal accidents in Doylestown. Because these Bucks County roads will not be changing any time soon, it is necessary, especially for young drivers, to be aware of the dangerous roads and how to steer clear of accidents.

Particularly dangerous roads in Doylestown:

-Route 413 is a 31-mile road that stretches from north to south and has seen its fair share of fatal accidents in Bucks County. Rt. 413 is a popular road in Doylestown for bicyclists as much as it is cars. Many students who go to the high schools in the area such as CB West and CB East take this road to get to school. In the worst of the winter months, Route 413 becomes slick with ice and narrowed by snow.

-Haring Road is the definition of a narrow road. Not only is it narrow, but it is filled with hills and there is no shoulder or barrier protecting the driver from the ditches on either side of the road. Many take this road as a short cut to avoid the lights that are a little farther down and to get to the few neighborhoods in the area. The lanes are very thin so it is important that you pay attention for the whole time you are on the road. Also, there are no street lights on Haring Road so it is best traveled in day light.

-Old Easton Road has also been the scene of many fatal accidents. This road is winding and narrow. There are a few places to turn onto this road from other, much smaller, roads but the visibility and ease of being able to turn onto Old Easton Road is just not there. There is also a middle school on this road which means a school zone. There will often be busses coming and going from the school and the roads are barely wide enough for both a car and a bus so keep an eye out.

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