Designated Driver Services for Pennsylvania Residents

Designated driver services do more than just drive people home when they are too intoxicated to drive. They help prevent accidents and reduce the number of intoxicated drivers on the road and get you out of hazardous situations where you feel threatened.

Designated Driver Services are Different than Cabs or Uber

You can contact a designated driver service when you determine you’ll need a sober driver to take you home at the end of an evening. A driver will pick you up and drive both you and your car home. Hiring a designated driver service has a major advantage over calling a taxi because they return both you and your vehicle to your house at the end of the night.

How do I book a designated driver service?

Log into the national directory of designated driver services and enter Pennsylvania in the drop-down menu. Select your county, choose from a list of designated driver services, and book an appointment for your date and time.
Most designated driver services have mobile apps that make it easy for you to contact them. Schedule an appointment and wait for the designated driver to pick you up. In some cases, the driver will arrive at your venue 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

In Pennsylvania, there are dozens of designated driver services that operate in most counties. These designated driver services typically work in two ways. In one approach, you will have two persons come to pick you up from your venue to drive you home. One of them will drive you back in your car while the other person will follow in their car. Once they have driven you home, they will leave for their next appointment.

In the other approach, a person with a portable scooter will arrive to take you back to your residence in your car. The portable scooter gets folded up and stored in your trunk and once he or she has driven you home, the scooter is unpacked and the designated driver leaves for the next appointment.

Non-Profit Options

Commercial designated driver services aren’t the only option out there. There are also non-profit designated driver services that usually have affiliations with individual restaurants, clubs and bars. It is in a bar’s best interest to hire designated driver services because of liquor liability, as bars are held accountable for drunk driving accidents caused by patrons that were over-served at their establishments. Typically, non-profit services are much cheaper, although they will expect tips.

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