Designated Driver Services NJ

Designated driver services can mean the difference between involvement in a possibly severe drunk driving accident and getting home safely. For those times, when you have to travel in your car on your own to a bar, and have no one to drop you home, it’s best to plan in advance, and book a designated driver service.

How to Book a Designated Driver Service in Mercer County

There are a number of designated driver services operating for profit in Mercer County. These include the following.

• Be My Driver: You can call this operator service at 844-MYDRIVER
• Sober Sam: You can hire a driver for this service by calling 856-520-5679
• StearClear: This designated driver service works through a mobile app only

Remember, there could be differences in the manner in which your designated driver service operates, so call the company before you head out for the night. These services aren’t cab services, so you will be calling them for rides home at the end of the night rather than transportation to the bar.

To get both you and your car home when you’re intoxicated, this is how these services work.

  • You determine that you need a sober driver to get you home
  • You call the service or pull up the app for StearClear
  • Two drivers arrive in one car
  • One driver will drive you and your car home while the other follows in their car
  • Once home, the driver leave you and your car and hops back in their company’s car
  • You might want to consider tipping

How much does a designated driver service cost?

Prices can vary from operator service to service. Be My Driver costs about $60 for the pickup plus $2 per mile. Sober Sam is $15 for the first mile plus $4 for each additional mile between 12 p.m. and 12 a.m. After midnight the price increases to $20 for the first mile. StearClear is considered more of a chauffeur service – think corporate events and wedding parties – and so have a one-hour minimum cost that you can find when you call them.

Bars also utilize StearClear, so your favorite watering hole might already have a relationship with them. These designated driver service in NJ is extremely helpful for places that sell alcohol because bars can be held to blame for drunk drivers if the driver was over-served at their establishment.

Ultimately, drunk driving has the highest price tag imaginable. Nothing is as valuable as a person’s livelihood. If you were in a drunk driving accident you can hold the drunk driver responsible. Speak to Mercer County car accident lawyer Michael Saile at 215-642-2335, or schedule a free evaluation of your claim by filling out the online contact form.

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