Determining the Value of a Car Accident Claim

In the United States, car accidents are an all-too-frequent occurrence. And unfortunately, the state of Pennsylvania isn’t spared from these accidents, as crash facts and statistics provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation purports that in 2012 alone, over 124,000 crashes were reported within the state.

Of course, while some crashes may result in very little damage, others cause catastrophic damage and injury costing thousands of dollars or more. In fact, according to the Insurance Research Council’s (IRC) 2011 Trends in Auto Injury Claims report, the average property damage claim for a car accident was just over $3,000, while the average claim for personal injury was around $14,000.

These numbers only represent an average, and actual damage in your case may be more or less, depending on certain factors. If you have been in a car accident for which another driver is at fault, consider these specifics to help determine car accident claim value. Of course, you must have the appropriate insurance or meet the requirements to file a liability claim against the other driver.

The Damages to Your Car

One of the most glaring issues in any car accident claim is the actual damage that the car sustained during the ordeal. Much of the damage may be entirely apparent, including scratches and dents, damaged parts, and other exterior or interior problems.

You may only discover other types of damage, such as damaged internal mechanisms, after an inspection by a professional. Make sure to have the damage to your car examined and appraised by a qualified individual to get an accurate idea of the costs.

Physical Bodily Harm

In the best-case scenario, drivers will emerge from a car accident without withstanding any bodily harm at all or perhaps with a few cuts and scrapes. Unfortunately though, many wrecks lead to one or more drivers sustaining more serious physical injury, which may include whiplash, torn muscles, or even broken bones.

Make sure you account for these injuries and associated costs in a car accident claim. You will likely need to secure compensation in order to cover the costs of mounting medical bills. Also consider future damages if your injury will require additional treatment or care.

Missed Wages Because of Injury and Lost Future Income

Often, car accident victims sustain injuries that prevent them from going to work. In this case, the victims can include the wages he or she missed during an absence from work when filing in a car accident claim. These wages must be an accurate representation of the amount the victim earns.

Additionally, if a victim must undergo further treatment and rehabilitation before being able to return to work, or may be unable to work because of disability, the claim should recover lost future earnings.

Cost of Alternate Transportation

In many scenarios, car accident victims must find alternate transportation in order to travel to and from work, school, or other locations while their car is being fixed or replaced. You may be able to offset this cost by including it in a car accident claim as well.

Contact an Accident Attorney in Pennsylvania

While it is important to consider these factors when determining the value of your car accident claim, if you’ve been seriously injured it may be equally necessary to work with a legal professional who can help ensure you receive adequate compensation.

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