Diagnosis and Treatment for a Fractured Lumbar Spine in Bucks County

A spinal fracture can be a very serious condition, causing you lots of discomfort and limiting your movement. A lumbar (lower back) fractured spine is a common type of spinal fracture. Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. states that high velocity accidents such as car accidents and high-falling accidents can lead to this spine-related personal injury. People who are at greater risk for lumbar spinal fractures are those with existing conditions such as osteoporosis because their bones are already in a weekened state. In these cases, trauma to the spinal region, such as from the impact of a rear-end car accident, can greatly exacerbate your existing condition, causing you much pain and requiring a whole new treatment regimen.  

How do you know if you are experiencing a lumbar fractured spine? Some symptoms of a lumbar spinal fracture include:

  • Moderate to severe lower back pain
  • Numbness, tingling in the spinal cord area
  • In high trauma situations, a person may “black out” from other injuries prior from injuring the back
  • Problems with bowel and bladder control                                             


If you or someone you know has these symptoms it is important you get help. Nearly 60% of people with lumbar spine injuries have serious long-term consequences. It is strongly recommended you get examined to see if you are suffering from a lumbar fracture.

Treatment for a lumbar fractured spine all depends on how badly the spine has been injured and if you may need surgery or not. You should rest and ice and heat your back in the meantime. Do not lift heavy objects or do any sudden movements that could make the fracture worse. Pain from a spinal fracture can last for several months while healing. It is very important that you receive the medical attention necessary to properly treat your spinal injury.

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