Drive Safe TAC Campaign Warminster Drivers Should See

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Victoria, Australia posted a video to YouTube a few years ago in hopes of encouraging drivers to drive safely during the upcoming holiday season, as well as throughout the rest of the year. The TAC unveils safety campaigns each year in hopes of curbing unsafe practices such as texting while driving, drinking and driving, and other similar behaviors.

The drive safe TAC campaign, while directed at Australian drivers, sends a truly universal message to all motorists across the world, including to those in Warminster. Viewing this video can help drivers everywhere understand the importance of remaining safe behind the wheel.

What does the video show?

The video includes a collection of scenes from safety campaigns utilized throughout the years to encourage safe driving in Australia. The beginning of the video starts out with soft tones; friends are enjoying themselves, and in many cases, drinking or taking what appears to be illegal substances. As the video progresses, individuals and groups are driving, visibly under the influence or distracted in some other way.

Here, the video turns graphic; scenes of arrests are followed by catastrophic accidents, some of which are vividly displayed in the video. The end of the video portrays family members and other loved ones of the deceased at home, at hospitals, and in other locales, grieving the devastating loss of a friend or family member.

Effects of the Campaigns on Driving Safely Throughout the Years

With such graphic depictions, did these safety campaigns actually work? The TAC strongly believes so, in a caption associated with the video, the TAC asserts that the road death toll in Victoria was 776 in 1989 when the first TAC commercial aired; by 2008 the toll had fallen dramatically to only 303.

The Terrible Effects of Car Accidents

Unfortunately, car accidents are still far too common, leaving organizations like the TAC and NHTSA to find new ways to improve safety. Warminster drivers should do their part by heeding the message in this and other safety videos. Don’t drink and drive, put away distractions when behind the wheel, and otherwise drive safely at all times.

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